I live in New York & Tampa and work at Blenheim Chalcot, Europe's leading venture builder.

I am Chair & Board Director of a number of our ventures and involved in the co-creation of our early ventures, including leading their product-market fit exploration.

The Blenheim Chalcot team are entrepreneurs first, and are involved in every venture at every stage. Outside the boardroom we work side by side with the teams, sharing our experience and connections.

Previously I completed a turnaround as CEO of the (New York Institute of Finance) and sold it in 2017. I also founded and was CEO of a UK outdoor-media company called Streetbroadcast. I have also worked at Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. I studied my MBA at Warwick Business School, Private Equity at London Business School and Computer Science at Coventry University.

Outside of work I read, write, run and spend as much time with family and close friends as possible.